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Click on each image to see a larger version; hit the "Back" button on your browser to continue looking through the site. You can purchase any of these gate products by contacting SIWP at the e-mail link above . At this time: SIWP welcomes your money order, or you may pay with your credit card via Paypal. U.S. Postal Money Orders are treated as gold.
****AS OF 8-6-2009 WE ARE only working part time; am interested in selling the know how and patterns and jigs for making these items will consider all offers.--dan--

(1L)This is a typical access gate about 46 in. tall by about 42 in. wide.
Click on images for large viewThis gate is about 46 inches tall by about 42 inches wide.Remember to use your Browser Back Button to navigate!

(1R) See several views of large gates.
$750. plus shipping. These gates come with winglets either welded to the posts prior to shiping or bolt on style.

(2L) Sometimes wheels are needed. WE make them detachable and welded on.

(2R)Unique gate hasps are also available.

(3L) You can use this sketch to make your own custom made door plan.
Click on images for full large viewThese doors are intended to be mounted to the frame of your existing entry door.About $350 installed.

See several views of large gates.
(3R) Several gates and a window guard.

(4L) Wings fill in the space between a post and a house or fence.

(4R)This is an aggressive gate. Notice the pikes
welded to the top.

(5L) gates and doors.

(5R) Click here to see workable sketch pad for designing your own window guards. Window guard design consulting is available.

Simple Iron & Wood Products, P.O. Box 3782, Corpus Christi, TX (361) 881-8668

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